Gardening DK


Main activities are garden articles and group garden tours. Garden articles

On the page Garden Portraits you can see – but not read my articles published by The Danish Garden Society (Haveselskabet). The articles are written in Danish, but at least you can enjoy the photos and the lay out.

Translating articles from English to Danish on behalf of The Danish Garden Society is another activity. First step is negotiating publishing rights.

Group garden tours

Sharing my interest in gardening with other people is a joy. I am cooperating with The Danish Garden Society for whom I am developing new travel concepts and also working as a guide on group tours


In continental Europe Ireland is underrated as a destination for garden visits. This is totally wrong. The combination of magnificent gardens and landscape makes Ireland the ideal destination from early spring to autumn. See photos from Irish gardens on the page Digital Images.


Japanese gardens are in their own special league. Group tours to Kyoto take place in November and early April. See photos from Kyoto on the page Digital Images.


For years England has enjoyed the reputation as the obvious European garden country to visit, and this is well deserved. I am intrigued by the garden evolution which started in 1870 when William Robinson published The Wild Garden and used his Gravetye Manor to carry out his experiments. Robinson was followed by many important garden personalities, who continued the evolution until the middle of last century. Many of the gardens created are still very much worth visiting and group tours to England on behalf of The Danish Garden Society begin in 2009.